In light of the scarcity of domestic workers and the spread of the phenomenon of part-time workers most of whom are violators of residence and labor laws work, the Ministry of Commerce has activated its control over labor recruitment offices as complaints continue to pour in that these offices exploit the situation and work to raise the costs of labor recruitment.

A local Arabic daily quoting ministry sources said there is plan to put an end to this fiasco and on Monday inspectors from the Commercial Control Department in the Ministry carried out a campaign against the owners of domestic labor offices in the Hawalli to check their work and ensure that labor recruitment prices are set and monitor compliance with ministerial decisions.

The head of the emergency team Ahmed Al-Issa said “no owner of a domestic labor office has the right to take additional fees – more than what the ministry has set (890 dinars).

“Any complaint we receive from consumers will be dealt with immediately, the office will be sealed and license withdrawn if it is found that the office is not committed to the decisions of the Ministry.

“This is the first campaign of its kind, and it started in Hawally and will continue in all governorates, to ensure the commitment of the owners of those offices, and to address any injustice or fraud to which any consumer is exposed,” said the official.

The first campaign, he added, resulted in the inspection of 40 domestic labor recruiting offices in Hawally which resulted in the closure of some offices.”

Al-Issa said, “Any holder of a license for a domestic labor recruitment office, who rents it subconsciously, legal measures will be taken against him, as it was noted during the campaign that there are a limited number of domestic workers, due to the lack of demand, and we, in turn, compel the owners of those offices to entertain labor requests from the permitted countries. In the event that the office does not provide employment within 3 days or refrains from entertaining requests, the necessary measures will be taken against the owner.”

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