The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has received 100 complaints within 5 days from citizens accusing a well-known company of failing to fulfill the terms and conditions of the contracts signed they signed with it.

The company is said to have failed to deliver cars which the company promised to buy on their behalf at competitive prices, says a local Arabic daily.

The daily added, so far about three million dinars have been collected from the car office and it is likely that this amount will swell as the number of complaints continue to rise within the coming days.

The sources indicated that the owner of the office has returned the money to 10 complainants, whose claims amounted to approximately 420,000 dinars.

The sources stated that there are a number of complainants, whose cars have not yet been delivered according to the contracts signed between the two parties, and therefore the ministry directed them to wait until the date of receipt, and in the event of failure to do so, additional complaints will be registered against the office.

The sources pointed out that the owner of the Automobile Office, after being summoned by the Ministry of Commerce, represented by the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector expressed his cooperation in returning the money of some of the complainants.

The sources stated that among the clients of the Automotive Office were representatives of the National Assembly, senior government officials, public figures and members of the ruling family, in addition to citizens from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, specifically from the State of Qatar.

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