An official source at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the ministry issued a circular to its inspectors in the commercial control and consumer protection sector, which spells the necessity of adhering to the requirements of their job duties.

The source, in a statement to a local Arabic daily said, the circular includes many items, such as the commitment of the commercial inspector not to disclose the secrets of the profession or the secrets of violations to those who are not concerned with the issue, as well as prohibits inspection during non-official working hours without a prior permission from the administrative official, and also the prohibits the inspection of areas that do not fall within the scope of their duty except with prior permission of the administrative area official and the direct official.

According to what is stated in the circular, it is forbidden to collect samples or to seize goods without an official document, and it is also forbidden to open or close a shop without an official document prepared for this purpose. It is also forbidden to search personal belongings unless there is a suspicion of a crime. It is forbidden to enter shops, stores, factories, or the like, except during official working hours and in the presence of those responsible.

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