The head of the Kuwaiti Federation of Owners of Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices Khaled Al-Dakhnan stressed that the decision of the Ministry of Commerce which has set the upper ceiling for the recruitment of domestic workers makes it difficult for Kuwaiti offices to bring skilled workers to Kuwait, in light of competition with other countries that rely on the open market system.

He pointed out that “Kuwait was and still is the cheapest in the Gulf in terms of the recruitment price, and that other countries offer much higher prices than we offer in Kuwait.”

The head of the federation in a special statement to a local Arabic daily said it is unreasonable for offices in the home-exporting countries to provide us with skilled and distinguished workers, while other countries pay much higher amounts, which will push them to refuse to provide good domestic labor and provide untrained labor.

Al-Dakhnan was surprised that the Ministry of Commerce did not take the opinion of the Kuwait Recruitment Federation, as it is the official body responsible for raising the voice of office owners in Kuwait. In light of the previous prices, he appealed to the concerned authorities to reverse the decision in the interest of the citizen and office owners as well.

Al-Dakhnan pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce, in its decision, set prices for the recruitment of African domestic workers, at a time when the concerned authorities had not originally signed any memorandum of understanding with one of the countries to bring in its workers in Kuwait, explaining that the union has been waiting for years to sign the memorandum of understanding with Ethiopia, but has not yet signed the document.

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