Dr. Bashayer Al-Fadhli, a consultant in internal medicine and maternity medicine at Jahra Hospital, said a clinic for pregnant women who are suffering from rheumatism has been opened inside the hospital in cooperation with Dr. Fatima Baron, Consultant Rheumatologist, and Dr. Ibrahim Tawfik, Consultant of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

A local Arabic daily quoting Dr. Al-Fadhli said this clinic closely monitors the pregnant women with a history of this disease to help them give birth in a safe environment and save time and effort of the patient.

He went on to say consultants of internal medicine and rheumatology consultants examine rheumatic pregnant women during childbirth in the same clinic at the same time, in addition to providing pre-conception counseling for rheumatology patients to select and adjust safe medications during pregnancy.

Dr Al-Fadhli explained this is one of the new specialties and branches of the internal diseases medicine saying this is the only one in the State of Kuwait.

The physician announced in future there is a plan to coordinate work with the obstetrics department to equip other clinics for high-risk pregnant women with other diseases such as diseases of the blood and glands and others.

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