The Civil Service Bureau issued a decision regarding the official working hours during Ramadan in government agencies with a flexible working hours system.

After reviewing Decree-Law No. 15 of 1979 regarding the Civil Service and the laws amending it and Article 82 of the decree issued on 4/4/1979 regarding the civil service system and decrees amending it, and the Civil Service Council Resolution No. 41 of 2006 regarding the rules, provisions and controls of official work and its amendments, the Court’s decisions were as follows:

Article (1): The official working hours are flexible in accordance with the provisions of this decision during the weekdays (from Sunday to Thursday of each week) in Ramadan, with working hours not exceeding four and a half hours per day, as per the timings mentioned below:

  1. From 9:45 am until 2:15 pm in the afternoon.

2.  From 10:15 am until 2:45 pm in the afternoon.

3. From 10:45 am until 3:15 pm in the afternoon.

Article (2): Each government entity may choose more than one official working time from the dates referred to in Article (1) of this decision, according to the circumstances and nature of the work and without the disruption of the workflow in the entity. A decision shall be issued by the competent minister or whomever he delegates to choose the working hours, taking into account the aforementioned timings.

Article (3): The entity that decides to select more than one of the scheduled working hours should possess automated systems that allows multiple confirmations of the attendance times and calculates the number of official working hours and the grace period individually for each employee.

Article (4): The minutes of delay in the beginning of working hours  for the employee subject to Article (3) of this decision are calculated after the end of the last date set by the authority for attendance, in addition to the grace period set at the beginning of working hours.

Article (5): The government agency may obligate some employees to specific time slots, whether at the level of work centers, specific organizational units, job categories, or a group of employees, according to the requirements and interest of the work, and not exceeding the timings specified in Article (1) of this decision.

In this case, the employee shall abide by the timings set by the authority.

Article (6): This decision does not compromise the working hours of an employee and these rules or provisions are stipulated in the aforementioned Civil Service Council Resolution No. 41 of 2006.

Article (7): The application of the provisions of this decision shall not result in the payment of any additional compensation, rewards or allowances.

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