The General Directorate of Civil Defense conducted a trial operation of warning sirens in the northern and southern border areas of the country at the locations of the Salmi border crossing, the Nuwaiseeb border crossing, Al-Wafra farms, Nuwaiseeb chalets, Al-Khairan Park, the Subbiya electrical station, the Subbiya coast guard, the Abdali border crossing, the Abdali farms power station, and the Al-Qashaniyyah police station.

The General Department of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that 3 tones were sounded, the first intermittent, the second wavy, and the third continuous, and each tone was followed by descriptive message in both Arabic and English.

This operation comes within the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to determine the safety of the operation of these sirens, and the extent of their need for maintenance, repair and training operations.

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