Saud Al-Zayd, a full-time board member of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), revealed that it had been initially approved to grant the global company Amazon the required permission to provide (AWS OUTPOST) programs in Kuwait, a system that works with hybrid computing, and explained that the responsibility for data classification using these programs rests with government agencies.

It is expected that Amazon will be the second global company to obtain permission from Kuwait to provide cloud computing programs, after Microsoft last month obtained permission to provide ‘Microsoft 365’, which is the productivity cloud, and it is a set of applications that help the user to survive. It communicates, accomplishes its tasks and manages its work, including applications such as ‘Word’, ‘Excel’ and ‘PowerPoint’, reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Zayd pointed out that the expected permission will allow Amazon to provide computing services in Kuwait that include all products and platforms included in the Amazon Web Services’ program, or what is known as AWS, indicating that this program is the most comprehensive and reliable cloud platform on a wide scale; the world’s largest, providing more than 3000 fully featured cloud computing services.

Al-Zayd noted CITRA has addressed all international companies to provide cloud computing services in Kuwait, indicating that granting permission to Amazon and Microsoft before it will encourage many similar companies to expand to the local market.

It is noteworthy that each entity must classify its data before April 2023, which is the end of the time limit specified in this regard, while the model prepared and approved for the use of government agencies is hybrid solutions, which are equipped for cloud storage purposes.

Cloud computing services can be provided to beneficiaries in 3 ways, namely by creating an infrastructure as a cloud computing service, acquiring software as a service, or platforms as a service.

It comes at a time when millions of customers, including fast-growing startups, the largest organizations and leading government agencies, are using AWS to cut costs, increase their flexibility and innovate faster.

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