The citizens of the Al-Omariya area in Farwaniya Governorate have complained about many difficulties facing their area, the most notable one being the problem of the large influx of expat families and bachelors to the area, particularly as these bachelors made their escape from Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area to move in large numbers into buildings in the Farwaniya area, Al Rai reported.

They demanded the speedy establishment of new labor cities to accommodate bachelors in the Jleeb and Hasawi regions, after they have taken over Kuwaiti-residential areas, as is the case now. In addition, they called for finding permanent solutions to the traffic congestion problems at the entrances and exits of the area, and re-asphalting its dilapidated streets. A list of basic demands were put forth before the fourth district’s MPs. A number of the citizens who live in the area wished, in statements to Al-Rai, to work diligently to find serious solutions

Abdullah Al-Ajmi requested that necessary maintenance be carried out for the power lines network that provides electricity to the area in order to avoid recurring electrical outages in the area as it happened last summer. He said, “Last year, the Al-Omariya area began to lose its prestige as a model area, especially after the increase in the number of expatriate families who came to live in the area after the lockdown on the Farwaniya area was lifted.”

Saad Al-Harmal pointed out the need to work on completing the specialized clinics in the Al-Omariya dispensary to relieve the pressure on Al-Farwaniyah Hospital, which is crowded with hundreds of visitors daily from various regions of Al-Farwaniyah Governorate, pointing out that the dispensary was suffering from an eternal problem and was closed at the weekend.

Al-Harmal added, “The problem of the dispensary is no longer limited to this matter, as the problem of closing the dispensary in the evening period and limiting work and receiving patients during the morning period only has been initiated, and this matter must be quickly reconsidered for the benefit of the people of the Omariya area.”

A number of problems were raised by Al-Harmal, and he called on the MPs of the Fourth District who will arrive at the National Assembly to take their worries into account, most notably the concern for the cleanliness of the area, as piles of garbage remain abandoned in many corners of the region’s streets.

Fahd Al-Fareej said, “We know that there are many responsibilities of the members of the municipal council, but the manner in which some members of the municipal council have failed to carry out their role has compelled us as citizens to push forward with these demands for the MPs of the National Assembly, given that their influence has become much stronger. We ask them to pay attention In the Omariya area, especially with regard to the aesthetic appearance of the region, and work to enact legislation to limit the movement of bachelors and families to the region.”

Al-Fareej also requested the establishment of new schools to accommodate the number of students in the region, especially after the large population increase that the region witnessed so as to avoid overcrowding students in classes, and asked to take advantage of the opportunity of students not going to their schools due to the anti-coronavirus measures, to work towards upgrading schools that need radical maintenance.


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