The Ministry of Finance has asked a citizen to return 12,761 dinars that was disbursed to him as compensation for damages he sustained as a result of the torrential rains that hit the country in 2018.

In a letter issued by the ministry, a copy of which is seen by a local Arabic daily, the ministry demanded that the Kuwaiti citizen return the money that was paid to him in damages following a heavy rain wave that hit the country.

The ministry said the request to return the amount comes after the Court of Cassation rejected the compensation requests submitted by the citizen, stressing that the return of the amount must be made within 10 days to the account of the Ministry of Finance.

The ministry had disbursed the aforementioned amount to the citizen on November 12, 2019 following a request submitted to the Supreme Committee to follow up on the repercussions of rain and torrential rain, which was formed by the Council of Ministers at the time.

The ministerial team assigned by the Council of Ministers to follow up and address the repercussions of those affected by rain and torrential rain issued a statement in 2019, that the number of requests that were completed to compensate those affected reached 3,931.

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