The Ministry of Interior said it is committed to the laws in all the procedures that are taken by its agencies, and that all those arrested are according to prior investigations and after getting permission from the Public Prosecution or through communications received by the Ministry of Interior, and it is motivated by law to deal with these communications.

A local Arabic daily quoting security sources said the arrest of an expatriate, who had painted a tattoo, was according to a report received by the Ministry of Interior, and immediately after the arrest the expatriate, and the issue was referred to the Public Prosecution.

The source told the daily the Ministry of Interior cannot turn a blind eye to any transgression even by its employees, and cited the case of referring the file of the citizen Abdullah Tami who claimed he was tortured to the Public Prosecution and the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf has issued a decision to open an investigation.

The source confirmed that the Control and Inspection Department receives and investigates any requests related to the security men’s interaction with citizens and residents, pointing out that one of the tasks of oversight and inspection is also to ensure that the Interior Ministry personnel stay away from what does not fall within their jurisdiction.

However, the task of the Interior men is to investigate reports it received, to ensure its authenticity, and submits reports on it to the minister. The source reiterated that every citizen and resident has the right to file a complaint against any of the men in uniform if case of violation of duties of his job, abuse of power, abuse while applying the law.

The complaint can be submitted in person to the General Administration of Control and Inspection, Building No. 2, third floor at the new Ministry of Interior headquarters, next to the Hunting and Equestrian Club, or by calling 24768146 or sending a complaint via fax to 24768157, the electronic address, or through the complaints boxes placed in all the concerned departments and agencies of the Ministry of Interior.

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