The Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait, HE Zhang Jianwei, said his country supports international efforts to find a political solution to the Ukraine crisis, stressing the importance of reaching a solution through peaceful settlement and dialogue.

In a statement to Al-Qabas, the Chinese Ambassador said his country is ready to work with the international community to continue playing a constructive role in order to promote a political settlement to this crisis.

Asked if the participation of China and the United States in the summit, which was called for by Saudi Arabia, would pave the way for ending the war in Ukraine, he said: “The Chinese side supports all efforts aimed at a political solution, pointing out that China’s participation came in response to the invitation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Taking part in the summit was Li Hui, the Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Eurasian Affairs.

He added that the Chinese position on the Ukraine crisis is consistent and clear from the beginning, and calls for finding a political solution to this crisis. “We push for dialogue, negotiation and finding a political settlement, noting that the Chinese side calls for preserving the sovereignty of states and their territorial integrity, respecting the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter, and paying attention to the legitimate security concerns of all parties, as well as support for all efforts aimed at finding a political solution, and this is our permanent and clear position.”

Regarding the indications and messages behind the expansion of Chinese influence and presence in the region, he said, China plays a positive role in the region with the aim of achieving development and stability, and it also stands by the efforts of Arab countries aimed at achieving peace, and we will continue our work in this regard, stressing that China has no special interest. Rather, it cooperates for the common interest with all countries in the region.

On whether China was planning to hold an Iranian-Gulf summit, he said, “The Chinese side will work with the countries of the region to achieve stability and development in the interest of all countries, and China has welcomed since ancient times the establishment and strengthening of a platform for multilateral dialogue in the Middle East, and this is consistent with the desire of countries in the region to improve relations and promote stability.”

On the possibility of holding another Chinese-Arab summit, he said: “Last December, the Chinese-Arab summit and the Chinese-Gulf summit were held for the first time in Riyadh, and I believe there will be a second and third summit in the future.”

Regarding China’s role in the events and crises taking place in the countries of the region, he said: “We — the Chinese — are confident that the countries of the region will find a fair, just and reasonable solution through dialogue and negotiation for all problems in the region, and we are ready to work with the countries of the region and strengthen cooperation with them to achieve the interest of all. the peoples.”

He stressed on the three pillars of diplomacy — promoting security and peace, supporting political solutions and continuous coordination of issues.

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