It seems all anyone can talk about these days is brows. How to get them, how to grow them, and how to shape them. Here are some tips on how to create the best brows for an ideal look.

Sleek shape: For those who like the tails of their brows to be higher than the tips, you should follow the natural rise of the brow, but trimming down the region it would typically turn downward. These types of brows are most easily done when the end of the brow is either sparse, shaved or waxed off.

Start by lopping off the tail using tweezers to eliminate sparse strands, or wax if it’s bushier. But don’t go overboard, tweeze brow hair by brow hair. Stop to look in the mirror after plucking two to three hairs from each brow to make sure they’re even and you haven’t made them too short. Then, draw the end of the arch upwards toward the temple using a budge-proof brow gel and a small angled brush. Tip: Rest your elbow on the counter while crafting the line to steady your hand and pull off an even tail.  Let the color set and top with a wax-based brow pencil to ensure a natural finish and hold.

All about the arch: For these rounded arches, one must do a scaled-down version of the above-mentioned tip. Instead of drawing the end of the brow at an upward slant, though, you need to round it out and have it curve downward. Round the shape dramatically in order to get that stylized look. To soften and create an arc, rest a pencil (or makeup brush) vertically against your nose, aligning it with the natural arch of your brow to see where the slope should begin. Using that point as a guide, make long fluid strokes with a pencil to fill thin brows and round the shape down near the outer corner of the eye.

Following the same path, add a powder layer using a stiff, angled brush to achieve the arched and feathery shape. Use a light hand at the tail to maintain the look.

Bonus tip: Dab a liquid highlighter into the brow bone using your ring finger to create the illusion of a more lifted brow.

Unique point of view:  Super-angular brows need to be brushed up toward the sky. To start with, apply a thin layer of clear brow gel in an upward motion and let it dry for about 30 seconds (do a touch test to be sure it doesn’t feel wet). Take a brow pencil and trace directly into the bottom of the brow. Lightly repeat this on the upper brow, making sure to keep the pencil extremely close to the brushed-up shape created by the brow gel. To pump up the point, apply a brow powder with an angled brush into the arched portion, extending just above the point to overstate it. Trace a thin, cream concealer around the brow and blend to really define the shape and arch.


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