Two separate studies published in the scientific journal Nature revealed that certain areas of the brain may control disease and help fight infections and viruses.

According to the medical results of the two studies, the brain plays a major role in controlling the symptoms of diseases and reducing their consequences, says a local Arabic daily quoting from studies published in the journal.

The Harvard University researchers noted that neurons in the brain help to understand the disease and control its various symptoms.

In this regard, a consultant neurologist, Dr. Hisham Al-Hakim, said, “The body is an integrated system that we cannot divide into different parts, and when sick, the immune system gives signals to the brain, where it controls the body’s temperature, and forms complete harmony with the body, to try to deal with the disease.”

According to the two studies published in the journal Nature, parts of the brain coordinate how the body fights disease and responds to the symptoms that arise from it, giving possible evidence that some people continue to suffer from chronic problems such as fatigue, distress and exhaustion.

The researchers said, some brain neurons are responsible for the body’s resistance and stimulation against various diseases, viruses and infections, specifically with regard to influenza and other pathogens that threaten health.

Al-Hakim added: “Despite the speed of the brain’s response to the disease, some people recover longer. These people have an infection of the immune system, and they also have chronic injuries such as pressure, obesity and diabetes, which does not allow them to recover for the same period as a normal person.”

To understand how the disease affects the body and brain, researchers injected mice with pathogens that cause inflammation that mimic viral infections that humans are exposed to, and they found that these mice get sick in the same way that leads to human disease, where the body temperature changes and suffers from fatigue, lack of fluids, dehydration and loss of appetite. But the persistence of symptoms is controlled by the adaptive property of brain neurons.

The researchers say that the conclusion of the results of the two studies reinforces the rumored advice that says, “Let your mind and body fight disease, and take a break.”

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