A case has been filed against the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for not hiring qualified Kuwaiti legal practitioners in specialties.

In his lawsuit, lawyer Abdullah Al-Rashidi requested the court to order CSC to terminate the appointment of all expatriate legal practitioners employed in specialties, since there are many qualified Kuwaiti lawyers registered with the CSC.

Explaining his case, the lawyer stated that there were more than 30,000 Kuwaiti legal practitioners working efficiently in the public sector, while a further 6,000 more were employed in the private sector. He argued that with this many qualified personnel there was no need to employ expatriates having the same qualifications as specialist legal practitioners.

Al-Rashidi  added that some officials do not trust the competency of Kuwaiti practitioners, citing his own example, he said that despite being an experienced legal researcher working in the public sector, some officials did not believe in his competency and denied him the opportunity to serve on higher panels, which caused him to feel frustrated and resign from his job. He added that Kuwaiti appear to have become strangers in their own homeland.

He pointed to one specific case where an expatriate was enjoying a high salary and receiving undue privileges. The lawyer claimed that an expatriate advisor to the Minister of Health was earning KD2,100 as salary in addition to allowances for serving on committees, and enjoys pilgrimage bonus while living in an accommodation for female nurses.

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