Ahmed Al-Manfouhi

The Director-General of Kuwait Municipality, Engineer Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, has issued orders for the supervisory authorities in the Municipality in all governorates to intensify campaigns against cars selling offices to ensure they do not commit violations especially electricity theft from street lighting poles.

Sources in the Municipality told a local Arabic daily that some car rental and sale offices are exploiting the open government spaces as well as stealing electrical loads from street lighting poles.

Al-Manfouhi has addressed the directors of departments to submit reports on the number of offices and their locations in preparation for referring them to the Ministry of Electricity and Water regarding thefts of electrical loads from street lighting poles, as well as the exploitation of fresh water, so that the Ministry can refer the violators to the Prosecution.

The sources pointed out that the Municipality is working to administratively these offices that take advantage of the situation and operate without a license, explaining that it has prepared the mechanisms of the control teams in the Department of Hygiene, Road Works and Departments for Removing Violations in the governorates, to lift the cars displayed for sale and towing them to the Municipality garage.

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