The Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) has rejected the request of the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport (PART) to cancel the tender for the roads of the new airport intersections.

Well-informed sources in the Ministry of Works said CAPT has rejected a request by PART to cancel the tender, due to the failure of the companies who submitted documents to implement the project to meet the technical and financial requirements, noting that the PART “will form a new committee to study the bids of competing companies, in preparation for putting forward its recommendation in the name of the company to which the conditions of the tender documents will apply.

It is noteworthy that the airport intersections project consists of a number of roads and three intersections, and the Al-Maqwa road will be developed and designed using highway specifications, and the number of lanes in each direction will be increased to raise the level of service for the road to accommodate the number of cars expected to enter and exit the airport at peak times, according to the study.

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