While the Ministry of Health is waiting for the approval of the regulatory authorities to import the “Paxlovid” drug, by contracting directly with the Pfizer Company, at a cost of up to $9 million, the Central Agency for Public Tenders has postponed the decision on contracting until a later date.

Al-Qabas learned that the health sources said the drug “Paxlovid” is an antiviral pill, and it has been proven to reduce the possibility of hospitalization for “Covid 19” patients by nearly 90%, among people at risk of severe disease.

The sources added that the drug is a mixture of pills taken orally, and helps reduce the ability of the virus to multiply.

The sources pointed out that the European Medicines Agency had previously recommended the use of “Paxlovid” to treat Covid-19 in adults who are at an increased risk of developing more severe symptoms of the disease, noting the Ministry’s keenness to import the latest types of medicines and vaccines approved by international health organizations and bodies, and after obtaining the approval of the regulatory authorities in the country.

The sources concluded that recent studies confirm that “Paxlovid” has the ability to maintain plasma concentrations several times higher than the amount required and prevents the multiplication of the mutant Omicron from multiplying in cells.

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