The Central Agency for Public Tenders has approved the request of the Ministry of Public Works to extend the contract for the construction, completion and furnishing of the new passenger terminal at the Kuwait International Airport (T2), concluded with the Turkish company Limak, for 459 days, starting from August 28, without financial compensation.

The Ministry of Works sources said that the Corona crisis caused the delay in many of the project’s work, despite the ministry’s keenness to continue it without interruption, but the suspension of airports and the employment crisis during the pandemic were behind the delay of some works, stressing that “the extension is due.”

The sources added that the ministry was keen to harness all its capabilities to solve the obstacles that the project faced during the “Corona”, including the time extension that was approved to complete the project’s work (the main building), which was scheduled to finish its work according to the contractual completion date in August 2022.

She explained that the first package (for the main building) is linked to the second and third, which are required to be completed completely in order to open the new airport.

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