The Central Agency for Public Tenders has agreed to award the tender to modernize steam turbines and power generators for 8 steam units in the Subbiya power generation and water distillation plant to the company that meets the technical conditions and specifications with the lowest prices, for 90,992 million dinars.

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy sources indicated that this tender is one of the many tenders offered by the ministry in accordance with the periodic maintenance programs for the various stations, pointing out that the ministry is harnessing all its sectors during the next few weeks to keep the electrical network in the country working efficiently and to contain the demand for power loads this summer, especially since it witnessed an increase in electrical loads recently, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources indicated that all the main substations had the necessary maintenance carried out before the current summer months, in addition to the necessary maintenance of overhead lines, and periodic maintenance of all high-pressure lines, according to the schedules set for the work of those maintenance, in preparation for the summer.

The sources called on all consumers to rationalize electricity consumption during peak periods at noon to ensure continued service to all consumers.

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