A number of cancer patients confirmed that the state did not fail to support them and provide them with the necessary care, they complained about the delay in dispensing some of the medicines they take based on the prescription placed by the doctor supervising their cases, based on the treatment protocol approved in the country.

These patients, through a local Arabic daily, complained about the deterioration of their conditions due to the failure to dispense some chemical drugs for a whole month, noting that they had visited the Behbehani Center and the Sheikha Badriya Al-Ahmad Center more than once, and the officials told them that some drugs are not currently available with the Ministry of Health.

They pointed out that their suffering is increasing due to the frequent shortage of some medicines, which exposes them to the deterioration of their conditions as a result of the interruption of treatment, which must be taken periodically and without interruption according to the prescription, noting that it is not the first time they suffer due to the lack of certain medicines for them, which requires Urgent intervention from those responsible for the health affairs in the country, indicating that the Ministry of Health did not fall short with them, but that the problem of drug delays must be put to an end.

While a number of these patients disclosed their pain, they demanded that an urgent plan be drawn up to provide all kinds of medicines, noting that the cancer patient should receive special treatment, to ensure that his treatment continues regularly.

The citizens affected by the disease confirmed that they were surprised recently by the lack of availability of some types of medicines, especially “chemo pills”, and other doses taken under the skin, and others.

They added, “When we reviewed the doctor supervising the treatment plan, he told us that there are no alternatives to the unavailable medicines, and after a period of discontinuation of taking them, we experienced a health setback.”

They stated that some of them deserve to travel for treatment abroad, but they preferred to stay in Kuwait because of their confidence in the treatment system, but unfortunately they suffer greatly due to the delay in dispensing medicines.

A number of citizens indicated that they have been undergoing treatment for years and their conditions have improved, and there are certain chemical drugs that have achieved very good results in controlling the spread of the disease, but the lack of them recently led to a health setback. Some were admitted to intensive care due to weak immunity, and others became bedridden in their homes, as well as feeling sporadic pain in the body.

In addition, informed sources in the Ministry of Health said the ministry is working to speed up the pace of importing various types of medicines to the country, after legalizing their arrival from factories and international companies for several reasons, most notably the high cost of manufacturing medicines and the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as high oil prices worldwide, shipping conditions.

In response to what is being circulated about the existence of a shortage of cancer drugs, the sources explained that the ministry is facing other problems related to the manufacture of some drugs from one company globally, for example, which makes importing them in such circumstances very difficult, especially with the financial demands of local agents, regarding their accrued dues with the Ministry, in return for the supply of medicines, equipment and medical supplies.

The sources revealed that the Ministry had an agreement with the manufacturer of some types of cancer drugs, regarding supplying it within a short period of time, to ensure that it was disbursed to patients in the centers affiliated with the Kuwait Cancer Control Center and supplying it at a maximum speed to the country, in order to preserve the health and safety of patients.

The sources added, that the process of supplying medicines and medical equipment was not interrupted throughout the previous period, even in light of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, but facing these obstacles is considered a possible matter, especially with the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and its repercussions on various sectors.

A number of cancer patients confirmed that Kuwait Humanity provides treatment for incoming cancer patients, but there are expensive medicines, and they are not dispensed to them at the Kuwait Oncology Center, and therefore they must be supported and supported.

A number of citizens questioned who is responsible for the shortage of medicines, noting that the Ministry of Health is making a lot of effort to support and care for them, but the lack of medicines exacerbates the suffering, and urgent solutions must be found to this problem.

A female citizen recounted part of her suffering saying that tests had confirmed that she had cancer since 2020, and she had tried chemotherapy in addition to performing surgeries, and in the end she underwent a certain type of chemotherapy, but unfortunately the medication was not been available in Kuwait for a month, which exposes her lose immunity.

She indicated Vidaza (azacitidine) and venetoclax is also not available, and “I checked with the Behbehani Center more than once, but they told me that some medicines are still not available.

A number of cancer patients said that their health condition has improved a lot after taking medications, but their shortage exposes them to immunodeficiency, pointing out the need to develop solutions and treatment alternatives so as not to increase bad health symptoms.

Their demands include:

1 – Provide all medicines without delay

2 – Urgent plan for support and care

3 – Providing alternatives to importing cancer drugs

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