In light of Kuwait’s keenness to provide food security, and to work diligently in this area an important issue which did not receive proper attention despite its direct impact on local food production is the fodder that constitutes a worrying concern for breeders, in light of the global food market disruption caused by the Russia-Ukraine war.

A local Arabic daily quoting sources said fodder is one of the most important economic tributaries in supporting and developing livestock, because the availability and quality of animal products are directly linked to the high nutritional value of available animal feed, which prompted the state to encourage farmers to grow green animal fodder in Kuwait, to ensure its availability in light of the burning regional and international situations that may put brakes on food imports at any moment and create domestic crisis since Kuwait relies on 80 percent of imported fodder.

In view of these circumstances, and given the necessity of feed for food security, the head of the Kuwaiti Farmers Union, Abdullah Al-Dammak, told the daily that “Kuwaiti farms have the capacity and ability to grow green fodder, but they need government support to advance these farms, which will contribute significantly to the availability of that fodder,” noting that “the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources distributed farms for food security, parts of which were allocated to planting green fodder, stressing the importance of farmers playing their role in cultivating green fodder in vacant areas to provide fodder for their animals and to fill the shortage in the local market.

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