The Council of Ministers Under the item “Important and Urgent,” assigned a number of government agencies, each according to its competence, to take all necessary technical and financial measures to enable the National Fund to complete the Al-Subiya Recreational Project as soon as possible, with the aim of stimulating tourism and entertainment in the State of Kuwait, and creating a new market to contribute to the development of Kuwait, support and develop small and medium enterprises.

Reliable sources told a local Arabic daily the Cabinet has directed the concerned authorities to address the obstacles facing the National Fund for the Care and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises regarding the preparation of a temporary area of land in the Subbiya area to attract fast food trucks and the establishment of a drive-in cinema and other activities, by owners of small and medium enterprises, and ended up with issuing resolution No. 755 assigning the National Fund to follow up coordination with the concerned authorities to implement the Al-Subbiya entertainment project and complete it as quickly as possible, and to provide the Council of Ministers with a periodic report every month that includes the developments that have taken place in this regard.

The most important obstacles facing the project include:

1 – Failure to start implementing the infrastructure of the project.

2 – The length of the documentary cycle for the parties related to the project.

3 – Allocating the land to the National Fund for a period of 5 years only.

The following has been recommended:

— Executing the infrastructure of the project through the completion of sewage and water networks and asphalting roads, in addition to providing electricity and water.

— Considering increasing the period of allocating the land to the National Fund.

— Quickly obtaining the approvals from the regulatory authorities regarding the implementation of the project.

— Financial reinforcement for the parties involved in the implementation of the project.

The project is divided into several areas, as follows:

1 – A developed camping area that includes equipped camping areas and open areas — a reception hall and suitable parking spaces.

2 – The mobile retail carts area, which includes foods, snacks, and road and travel necessities.

3 – The drive-in cinema area accommodating 100 cars.

4 – The area of various events, exhibitions and festivals.

5 – The area of playgrounds, tracks and sports activities, provided that it includes tennis, basketball and open volleyball courts, and covered paddle courts with a football field and a track.

6 – The area of restaurants, cafés, markets, children’s games and various activities.

7 – The project services area, which includes the headquarters of government agencies.

A special platform will be used to reserve the designated sites in the Al-Subbiya entertainment project, through which the sites and spaces designated for rent will be displayed through a three-dimensional map, including (spaces with their dimensions, places available for reservations, a calendar showing the days available for reservations, prices).

The reservation will be made available by registering in the application and filling out the form designated for that, which includes: (type of services, products provided, data of the project owner or company, license).

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