Offering innovative twists on breakfast fare, sandwiches, salads, sliders and brownies, Brown Diamond delivers an impressive array of delights.  Moreover, considering the quality and generous portions offered, everything is priced attractively.

The breakfast treats include Egg Quesadilla with Avocado, Croissant Scrambled Egg Cheese, and Avocado Rose Toast. The pancakes are tender and tasty, with the top picks being the Lotus Pancake, Brown Diamond Pancake and Red Velvet Pancake each of which brims rich sweetness.

Enjoy their flavorful Cajun Chicken Sandwich with its nice crusty crunch or pick from their appetizers, with the most attractive being the Sweet Chili Chicken. Another hit is the Pink Sauce Pasta, which is doused in their in-house sauce. Sliders that come with an incredibly tangy center include the Veggie Slider, Grilled Chicken Slider and BBQ Chicken Sliders.

End your meal with the sinfully delicious Woosha Dough, the Brown Diamond Truffle or the Vanilla Eclair with Caramel.

Popular dish: Arrabiata Pasta

Location: Located at The Gate Mall. Call: 97767111

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