A British university lecturer in computer science stole a small American-made four-seater Cessna 172 Skyhawk plane deliberately crash-landed in a field in the countryside of Kent, in the southeast of Britain, after he learned from his doctor that he had stomach cancer and will not live more than 3 months, so he shortened the length of time and ended his life himself.

The journey of Dr. Christopher Woollard, 64, to a rare suicide, began by driving his car to Rochester Airport in the county, where he has been learning since March 2019 to fly, according to what “Al Arabiya.net” learned, today, Saturday, about his story in the local media, especially the newspaper the British “Times”, apparently quoting Sergeant Jay Barrett, the officer who assigned him to conduct an investigation that took 5 months to conclude that the plane crash was not the result of a malfunction as they thought, but rather the result of a certain suicide.

What happened, that Woolard agreed with his coach for a training session on the morning of September 10 last year, so the coach gave him the set of keys to conduct “pre-flight checks” on the plane, as a normal part of the training, so the professor did, then climbed into the cockpit and headed the plane towards the runway, and from there he radioed the worker at that time in the control tower and asked to speak to his trainer, and while he was waiting, he suddenly changed his mind and took off without warning.

The investigator then discovered that Wollard had given his trainer access to his bank accounts to pay for the damages to the plane after he had deliberately brought it down in an uninhabited area, where he saw its wreckage passing by the field, and he found that Woolard was still alive, so he provided him with the available first aid. However, the professor passed away two hours after his suicide.

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