Within one month, a committee formed by the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources discovered 6,000 livestock farmers had tampered with the fodder lists submitted to the authority to obtain undeserved support.

A PAAAFR source said that the committee formed under the chairmanship of the Director-General of the Authority, Ali Al-Farsi, concluded within a month that 6,000 livestock breeders, out of 20,000, had tampered with the feed lists on the basis of which they were given support, stressing that the fodder subsidy card will be withdrawn from the offenders.

The source said that the committee visited the breeders’ sites to verify the reality of the numbers of livestock registered in their files, including sheep, camels and other cattle, indicating that these inspection tours aim to detect the real breeder from the manipulator, especially after widespread sales of subsidized fodder on the black market at high prices were monitored.

Al-Farsi stressed a decision will be issued to increase the support for the genuine breeders such as barley, corn and others, pointing out that the committee is communicating with registered breeders to visit them, with the suspension of the card of anyone who does not respond to calls within 72 hours.

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