An imminent breakthrough is expected in the ‘crisis of paying end-of-service benefits’ to expatriate employees whose services were terminated by the government institutions as it embarked on the five-year Kuwaitization plan.

The sources told a local Arabic daily that some institutions have addressed the Ministry of Finance to allow them to spend money from the 2022-2023 budget to pay end-of-service for expatriates, saying there are a number of employees whose benefits have not been paid for more than two years.

The sources pointed out that there are signs that part of the money will be made available, especially since the item is updated in the 2022-2023 budget, noting that the Kuwaitization plan requires disbursing dues to expatriates whose services have ended.

The file of disbursing end-of-service benefits to expatriate employees has clearly stumbled in recent years, especially with the high rate of termination of non-Kuwaiti employees in government agencies, coinciding with the end of the period of the Civil Service Council’s decision to determine the rates of Kuwaitization of jobs.

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