Brazil’s Independence Day celebrations in Kuwait

The 196th Anniversary of Brazil’s Independence Day was celebrated by the Brazilian ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Norton de Andrade at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel on 15 November. Kuwait Foreign Minister Reem Al-Khaled was the chief guest of the function.

In her speech to the gathering, Foreign Minister Al-Khaled highlighted that Kuwait’s relations with Brazil are historic and distinctive since they began in 1975, and mentioned her country’s ambition to develop them further in various fields. She added that trade relations with Brazil are good and both countries can benefit from each other’s potential.

She mentioned that Kuwait has looked carefully into Brazil’s many assets, particularly with regards to the export of livestock and meat in order to diversify the markets and improve on food security which Kuwait depends on.

With regards to ongoing relations, the Kuwait Minister Al-Khaled stressed that relations between the two countries have been growing steadily in recent years and there existed a common desire to strengthen them, which was reflected in the first meeting of the political consultations in Kuwait in April.

She added that there is the establishment of a foundation for a new start of relations and opening of new horizons for cooperation between Brazil and Kuwait.

The Kuwait Minister Al-Khaled pointed out that Brazil has a distinct position on many Arab-related issues in the region, and she expressed the hope for continued cooperation in this field and for Brazil’s regular contribution to supporting stability and peace in addition to its efforts in the fight against terrorism.

She concluded, “On behalf of Kuwait and the people of Kuwait, I extend my warmest congratulations to the Government and the people of Brazil and wish them continued progress and prosperity.”

On 7 September 1822, a declaration of independence from Portugal was made by Pedro di Alcântara, the son of the Portuguese King. Brazil became a republic in 1889 but kept 7 September as its Independence Day. Instantaneously Dom Pedro became a hero known as “the liberator”—and the first emperor of Brazil.

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