Security campaigns resulted in the arrest of 9 violators inside a wine factory and a fake servant’s office, and nine juveniles caught driving without a license on the Wafra Road.

The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media said that the security campaigns and field deployment of the public security sector represented by the leadership of Al-Wafra resulted in the seizure of a liquor factory, four men and 240 fermentation barrels, 3 distillation tanks, and 471 bottles filled with wine ready for sale, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Residence Investigation Department (Research and Investigation Department) also raided a fake maid’s office housing five violators who work on a daily basis, and legal measures were taken against them.

In the context, as part of the efforts of the Ahmadi security men (Al-Wafra Command), to impose security control and apprehend violators and security deployment, a campaign was implemented that resulted in impounding 11 vehicles violating the traffic law, and the referral of 9 juveniles to the police for reckless driving without a license.

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