Find an appetizing kind of Indian cuisine, picking from a menu selection of soups, salads, biryani and curries. The soups are hearty, particularly the Cream of Mushroom Soup. The salad combinations are done expertly most evident in the Biryani Gate Special Salad, and Mixed Bean Salad. Under the Special Biryani Gate category, there is the Royal Fresh Fried Zubaidi Biryani and the Royal Azis Chicken Biryani, both which are equally delicious. The most attractive choice being the Momo with Creamy Mushroom. Another dish of well executed harmonious flavours that create a real experience of Indian food is the flavourful curries, particularly the fan favourites- Paradise Special Mutton and Mughlai Chicken.

Popular dish: Mughal lamb Biryani

Location: Located at Salmiya. Call: 98542111

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