The Kuwait Environmental Protection Society confirmed that the partnership with the Ministry of Interior, within the framework of the cooperation protocol between the Society and the Ministry, enriches the program plans and field activities that enhance community environmental work in the country.

In a statement, the association praised the directive of the leadership of the Ministry of Interior to provide logistical support to the association, and the response of the Director-General of the General Department of Coast Guard, Brigadier Talal Al-Munayes, for accompanying the elite patrol members of the association’s bird monitoring and protection team during their field visit to Kubbar Island to document wildlife and monitoring and studying the patters of migratory birds, reports a local Arabic daily.

The head of the bird monitoring and protection team at the association, Muhammad Shah, said in a press statement that the trip to Kubbar Island resulted in the documentation of about 2,500 white-cheeked terns, about 100 large crowned terns, and about 2,000 small crowned terns, as well as about 3,000 bridled tern birds.

He stressed that these species of ferrets are currently nesting on the Kubbar Island, and it is on an annual date every summer to spawn the ferrets, as they land in May to begin mating and laying eggs, before they leave with their chicks in August, migrating south towards the Indian Ocean, saying about 15,000 birds depart the island after their eggs are hatched.

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