The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has stated that starting from 3 January it would begin implementing the decision to prevent renewal of work permits for residents who have exceeded 60 years of age and who have secondary certificates and below.

The authority added that there would be no exceptions and the decision would be enforced without exceptions. However, non-university graduates who have exceeded sixty years of age can continue to remain in the country, provided they have a family in Kuwait or own a commercial business in the country, by transferring their visa legally to the relevant article visa type.

For instance, the son of a person over 60 to whom the decision applies can sponsor his father with a family visa, and business owners can transfer to that of an investment owner.

Emphasizing that the decision would apply to everyone else, with the exemption of those on the earlier exempted list, PAM said it was determined to enforce the government’s decision to modify the skewed demographics in the country and reorganize the labor market.

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