The Deputy Director-General of the Cosmetic Agriculture Sector, head of the task force for examining and following-up immunization procedures for sheep, cows, camels and horses, Engineer Ali Al-Farsi, revealed that the prices of subsidized fodder will decrease next month, in cooperation with the Kuwait Flour Mills Company.

In a statement to a local Arabic daily, Al-Farsi said that a bag of subsidized barley is currently sold for 5.250 dinars, and after the efforts that have been made, in coordination with the Kuwait Flour Mills Company, it will be sold at 4.500 dinars, bran at 4.950, corn at 6.150 dinars per bag from 9/1/2022 until 3/31/2023.

He explained that the team working to examine immunization procedures has succeeded in canceling more than 5,000 feed cards out of approximately 30,000, and stopping some of them to modify the status of their owners, after discovering some administrative and technical violations were discovered in their files, in addition to not renewing the data of some of them for various reasons.

On the other hand, Al-Farsi confirmed that the Public Authority for Agriculture, in cooperation with the Mills breeders can submit requests for their shares of subsidized fodder electronically “online”, and without the need to come to the authority’s headquarters in Rabieh.

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