The Ministry of Interior has formed a committee to set up the appropriate mechanism for the unified traffic project for the electronic link between the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which will allow the exchange of information and data electronically between the GCC countries regarding traffic violations and data related to vehicles.

Well-informed sources in the Ministry of Interior told Al-Rai that, on the one hand, this will facilitate travelers from GCC countries and residents on the one hand and to stop some of them from committing traffic violations in the host countries and to abide by traffic laws and regulations, on the other hand.

Reliable sources said the GCC countries are currently exchanging information about traffic violations on a monthly basis but the electronic link will put an end to this practice from June 2022.

The sources added that such traffic violations are estimated to be in thousands thousands of various kinds annually, most of which are speeding or crossing the red light, pointing out that the committee is scheduled to finish its work at the end of next March, when work will begin to collect traffic fines in the country of the Gulf traveler and transfer them to the country where the violation was committed instead of collecting the fine in the country where the violation was recorded.

The mechanism will facilitate the travel of violators without having to pay the fines at the border exit port.

The mechanism will prevent the violator from conducting any transaction until the fine is paid.

The sources indicated that the application is expected to start next June. It is a gradual process and will begin with Saudi Arabia, then the UAE, and so on until the link with the GCC countries is fully established.

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