The Public Authority for Youth announced the launch of the largest Math Olympiad competition for students from the fourth to the eleventh grade, in partnership with the Smart Mind Educational Institute.

The authority said in a press statement that the program is intended for Kuwaiti students from grades four to eleven, and a survey test will be conducted for applicants on the twenty-fourth of September, to select 60 students and divide them into four levels, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources added that this will be followed by the start of the Olympiad in October, where students will be trained for six weeks and tested, explaining that the Olympiad aims to develop ways and methods of thinking and how to deal with various problems and to spread the spirit of competition and perseverance among students to acquire knowledge, as well as to exploit their time for the benefit of the nation and to develop mathematical skills and the ability to solve arithmetic problems in a way that contributes to the Kuwaiti industry and make the youth capable of competing in International Mathematical Olympiad competitions.

The authority invited those wishing to contest to visit its website “”, indicating that it has many programs for students of both sexes aged 7 years to 34 years old.

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