Shuwaikh port customs officers were able to prevent the smuggling of a huge quantity of liquor, estimated at 14,720 bottles, from being pumped into the country.

A local Arabic daily said the Shuwaikh Customs, Control of Inspection department suspected a container coming from one of the Gulf countries although the bill of lading showed the contents as household utensils but during inspection found 1,240 cartons containing 14,720 bottles of alcohol.

The Director-General of the General Administration of Customs, Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al-Fahd, praised the vigilance of the employees of the customs department who work sincerely to prevent the smuggling of narcotics and prohibited substances, stressing that the customs officers, with their long experience and the advanced devices and equipment that are provided to them, are on the lookout for drug peddlers who target Kuwait.

The Director-General of Customs conveyed the appreciation of Finance Minister Abdul-Wahab Al-Rasheed for the inspectors’ efforts and their concern for their country and urged them to maintain their level of work, stressing that customs officers are the first line of defense against anyone who wants to harm the country.

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