Even though the Ministry of Health (MoH) strives to vaccinate citizens and residents and encourages registration for vaccination, a large number of expatriates are exempted from the MoH’s calculations. About 190,000 expatriates cannot register for vaccination as they fall under the category of residency violators, A Rai reported.

Senior security sources revealed to the daily that the new Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali’s decision to renew the deadline for violators of the residency law for another month, ending on May 15th, comes from a humanitarian, health, and security standpoint, due to the repercussions of the Coronavirus crisis and the closure of airports in many countries, high ticket prices.

The recent increase in infection cases among residents has sounded the alarm, the residency violators who cannot take vaccinations because their residency expires, and their inability to enter and register on the Ministry of Health website can harm the safety of the community and delay the ministry’s objective of reaching herd immunity.

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