Apple has filed a patent on a technology that might help Siri read your lips using motion. Originally filed in January this year, the new technology, in theory, lets Siri detect mouth and head movements to improve accuracy and eliminate the constant use of a microphone.

According to a recent report by AppleInsider, the newly revealed patent application dubbed ‘Keyword Detection Using Motion Sensing’ is exactly what it sounds like. After receiving the data from a motion sensor, the system checks if any part of the motion data matches the reference data and looks for a phrase or word.

The patent diagrams specifically mention voice commands like ‘Hey, Siri’, ‘Skip’ and ‘Next song’ and mentions how they can be improved using motion sensing. Existing voice recognition systems like Siri are often less accurate because of factors like background noise and consume a lot of battery and processing power.

However, the new system would use existing motion sensors like a gyroscope or accelerometer to determine if the movement of mouth, neck and head indicates human speech.

According to the document, it can detect small changes in facial muscle, head motions or vibrations. If the motion detection is fast enough, it might allow Siri to turn on the microphone in time to listen to the rest of the phrase.

While Apple has not implied if it plans to bring the new system to non-Siri devices, the motion sensor technology might also be integrated with other Apple products like its upcoming mixed reality headset Vision Pro or AirPods.

Source: Indian Express

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