The Director of the Cancer Patients Fund at the Kuwait Society for Combating Smoking and Cancer Jamal Al-Saleh said the fund, since its establishment in 1994, has provided material and in-kind assistance to 5,000 patients and has spent about 1.95 dinars, with the self-efforts of the Fund.

Al-Saleh told a local Arabic daily, “During the month of Ramadan, the fund receives many calls from cancer patients who thank the fund for continued support for them, thanks to God, and the continued support of donors to the fund to continue its services to reach the largest number of patients who need this aid.”

He stated this aid meets their needs and eases the burden of cancer on them and their families. The fund provides monthly financial aid to those who lose their work due to their treatment and are unable to bear the costs of x-rays, examinations and others. The fund is a big support not only for the patients but for their families.

Al-Saleh pointed out that the continuation of assistance in its various forms to patients improves their mental health and achieves positive support for the quality of life of patients, pointing out that those in charge of the Cancer Patients Fund are accelerating the procedures for delivering aid, paying the costs of examinations and providing what they can to help the patient relieve him.

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