In the recently concluded fourth edition of the Nazaha Summer Club by the Public Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) bearing the theme, “National Integrity,” 22 participating members recommended enhancing transparency and accountability in the appointment of leadership positions. The committee meeting which was held from 14 to 17 August, in cooperation with the Transparency Association, named its members “ambassadors of integrity”. The Assistant Secretary-General for the Prevention Sector at “Nazaha”, Eng. Abrar Al-Hammad shed light on the occasion stating that this year witnessed the club’s efficiency and cooperation after a two-year hiatus brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Hammad highlighted the recommendations set out by the participants, which include strengthening the standards of transparency, integrity and accountability in the appointment of leadership positions, as well as, the periodic review of the rules and regulations for appointing leaders, and job codes of conduct, taking into account setting standards that enhance integrity and transparency and prevent conflicts of interest in the public office.

The participants also recommended highlighting the achievements and disseminating laws and general regulations that would provide an incubating environment for integrity and transparency, based on the principles of accountability and societal laws; supporting the establishment of communication strategies between the various sectors that promote social responsibility and contribute knowledge-based dissemination of good values; and, launching awareness campaigns to educate shareholders and participants in the safeguarding of public interest, community service work, and protection of public money.

Moreover, Al-Hammad also stated that the club recommends a study to add members of the boards of directors of public benefit and charitable societies within relevant categories; encouraging national partnerships between various sectors and supporting development efforts; encouraging civil society organizations to adopt internationally recommended standards of integrity and transparency; and, developing the club’s programs in ways that support its continuity and goals.

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