The Kuwait University is seeking to redefine the rare specializations at the university according to the criteria of the labor market’s need for specialization and the rate of students’ reluctance to major, starting from the academic year 2022-2023.

University reports revealed that the university administration, represented by the office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning, recommended continuing to consider the two majors of physics and chemistry, in addition to the marine sciences major as rare specializations, and continuing to disburse a reward of 250 dinars to students studying physics and marine sciences and 150 dinars to students in chemistry, as before.

The reports indicated a recommendation to add 5 new specializations to the list of rare specializations are the French language, accountancy, applied statistics, operations research and diagnostic radiology technology, and calculating 150 dinars reward for rare specialization students.

The reports pointed out that the university seeks to make good use of the available resources and direct them towards increasing students’ demand for the desired specializations in the labor market, which are in line with the country’s development trends.

Reports indicated that the team assessing rare specialties limited the number of students admitted to the university by specialization in the years from 2017 to 2021, as the university accepted all students who met the requirements with a number exceeding its absorptive capacity, especially in the last two years as a result of the increase in admission due to the repercussions of Corona and the high success rates in secondary school.

Therefore, it was necessary to re-evaluate the numbers of students in each specialization and link them to the needs of the labor market.

The reports pointed to a recommendation to continue with the same conditions specified for the payment of the rewards for the rare specialization, provided that they are paid at the end of each semester.

However, the student should be of Kuwaiti nationality and pass sixty academic units and must hold a good conduct certificate and should have not been dismissed or suspended from school study, and that major specializations must be determined annually by a decision of the university director.

While the Committee for Rare Specializations has developed some conditions for entitlement to the award for a period of a maximum of 10 regular semesters calculated from the student’s acceptance, except for the preliminary semester, and the exchange procedures are carried out before the final grades are monitored at the rate of 6 months for the first semester and 6 months for the second semester, provided that the student continues to be enrolled in study and field training throughout the period.

The reports indicated that the work team monitored labor market indicators to determine the importance of rare specializations in the labor market, by analyzing the supply of graduates from other higher education institutions.

The reports indicated that the work team relied on university studies and statistics and the statistics of the Civil Service Commission sent to Kuwait University to identify the specializations most in need in the labor market.

The reports indicated that the work team recommended keeping the same reward value for the continuing rare specializations, which is 250 dinars for the two majors in physics and marine sciences and 150 for the chemistry major to ensure equality with all previous batches of students in the same majors, while 150 dinars were set as the reward value for the rare new majors added in the recommendation, in order to rationalize spending.

Recommendations to the Executive Committee meeting

1 – Adoption of the list of modern rare specializations

2 – Reviewing the list of rare specializations every five years

3 – Activating the guiding role of colleges in directing students towards rare specializations

4 – Specifying a “rare specialization” in the admission form in the Deanship of Admission and Registration

5 – Continuing to announce the list of rare specializations

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