Celebration of India’s Diversity of Cultural Traditions and Festivals

The Embassy team, led by Ambassador Sibi George and Madam Joice Sibi, was joined by Ambassadors, diplomatic spouses and family, the esteemed diplomatic community and the Indian community in Kuwait for a unique and joyful celebration of India’s eclectic
diversity of cultural traditions and festivals.

To celebrate the festivities of Christmas and the New Year, the Embassy organised an
Evening of Carols, beautifully presented by Kuwait Chamber Chorale, a musical ensemble of Indians in Kuwait. The synchronous notes of much-loved Christmas carols from around the world and Indian patriotic songs filled the air with joy and cheer, emblematic of this
festive time.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador said “In Kuwait, like every other part of the world, one comes across a large number of Indians from all over India. They are symbols of India’s unity in diversity. We come from different parts of India, we speak several hundred languages, we worship different Gods, we celebrate different festivals, we eat different foods, we wear different clothes, but there is a feeling of oneness and common consciousness, a civilizational bond, that keeps us together, make us all proud as Indians. In fact, in India, we
celebrate all festivals, whether it is Onam or Bishakhi, Holi or Dusharah, Deewali or Rakshabandan, Christmas or Easter, Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Adha these are all celebrated as festivals of India, celebrated by one and all. This unity in diversity is something very few countries in the world can be proud of.

When I welcome you today to this carol evening I proudly bring to you greetings from that ancient land of India, an ancient but continuous civilization where all major religions
and cultures thrive and flourish. We Indians are proud of our constitution which establishes a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens, all
generations to come Justice, social, economic and political, liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; Equality of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual. It is under this constitution that India has transformed itself into a modern economy with significant achievements in several diverse fields, including atomic energy, space technology, agriculture, bio-technology, AI and, of course, information technology, for which India is well-known today the world over.

It is under this constitution that India today produces some of the best professionals who go on to become CEOs of big tech companies like newly appointed CEO of Twitter, CEOs of Alphabet the parent company of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe Inc, Novartis and millions of engineers, doctors and scientists.

It is no surprise that India has given on 1.35 billion doses of made in India vaccines to its
citizens making it the largest Covid 19 vaccination drive anywhere in the world. India also supplied Covid related medicines to over 150 countries and made in India vaccines to 93 countries including to Kuwait. India has proved that it is the pharmacy of the world. It is a
great blend of ancient civilization and modernity.”

Ambassador recalled the words of greetings from Hon’ble President of India who in his Christmas message last year said “Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope this festival nurtures peace and prosperity, and helps strengthen harmony in society. Let us follow Christ’s teachings of love, compassion, and charity, committing ourselves to the welfare of our society and nation.” He quoted Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi who in his Christmas message said “Merry Christmas! We remember, with immense joy, the noble
thoughts of Jesus Christ. He epitomised spirit of service and compassion, devoting his life towards alleviating human suffering. His teachings inspire millions across the world.”
The event was also live streamed on social media and watched

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