The Ministry of Works has approved the awarding of road maintenance contracts in the Hawalli and Jahra governorates to an American company. Sources within the ministry have indicated that the decision was based on the American company’s submission of the lowest prices for the projects, reported Al-Rai Daily.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that the same American company will secure the tender for highways in the northern region due to its competitive pricing. The Ministry of Works is now set to seek the necessary approvals from relevant authorities to finalize the first three contracts, paving the way for the commencement of maintenance operations.

These road maintenance contracts follow a work order model, allowing the Ministry the flexibility to assign additional work to the American company in various governorates, including the central and southern regions. This strategic approach ensures comprehensive coverage of maintenance needs while safeguarding public finances.

The move marks a return of American involvement in Kuwait’s road maintenance, with the United States Federal Highway Administration set to supervise and oversee the projects, promising enhanced quality and efficiency in road maintenance efforts.

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