Within the framework of military cooperation between the coalition countries, the Ali Al-Salem Air Base witnessed a four-way field training, on medical evacuation from the battlefields, conducted by the American forces stationed in Kuwait, with the participation of forces from 3 Western countries.

The US Central Command published a statement about the exercise that took place on July 29, explaining that it was a four-way exercise that brought together the forces of the US Forces’ 405th Rapid Air Medical Evacuation Squadron, and similar medical evacuation forces from Canada, Denmark and Italy, using US Air Force aircraft on how to coordinate and expedite efforts to transport the sick and wounded from the battlefields and areas, reports a local Arabic daily.

The statement stated that the forces that participated in those field exercises succeeded in exchanging experiences, tactics and techniques, ensuring that they work as a harmonious team with the same strength and coordination in actual military operations.

“It is really important to learn about the medical evacuation capabilities and equipment that other coalition forces have, and to know how those forces operate in relation to evacuation operations,” Chief Sergeant Frank Schafer of the US Rapid Air Medical Evacuation Squadron said. This will make us cooperate better with each other and as one fighting force when it comes to carrying out the tasks of evacuating our wounded and sick from our areas of operation and transporting them to places where they can receive care.”

“When the task of evacuating an injured or sick person is assigned, the small details are very important,” Schafer added. Wasting even a minute of time can aggravate that person’s injury or illness. Through this joint training, we succeeded in digging into the smallest details related to how to deal with everything, starting with defining the roles and responsibilities of crew members, passing by identifying the working mechanisms of medical equipment, and ending with ways to respond quickly to various emergency evacuation scenarios by planes

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