The Bangladeshi ambassador to Kuwait, HE Major-General MD Ashiq Al-Zaman, announced there is a tendency in Kuwait to recruit domestic workers from Dhaka, while at the same time stressing that there is no agreement in this regard at the moment.

The ambassador told a local Arabic daily that this matter will be discussed during the second joint committee meeting, which is expected to be held this year.

For now, the Ambassador said, there are no Bangladeshi domestic workers in Kuwait, but there are 1,500 workers who work under Article 18 visa in cleaning schools, stressing there is a joint coordination to supply the country with skilled workers.

Asked if there are any problems facing female workers in schools, the ambassador said, “There are complaints due to the delay in the payment of the monthly salaries by some companies that contract with female workers.

The ambassador stated that the employment of Bangladeshi domestic workers in Kuwait depends on providing appropriate protection for domestic workers under an agreement that can be signed between Bangladesh and Kuwait, noting that a technical agreement was signed between the two countries in 2001 regarding manpower, and this agreement does not include details on labor recruitment issues according to the labor law.

He indicated that the embassy proposed holding a meeting at the ministerial level between the two countries to sign a new detailed agreement or memorandum of understanding between the two countries to supply Bangladeshi manpower.

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