Kuwait's Permanent Representative to UN Ambassador Tariq Al-Bannai

Kuwait’s proposal to consider September 7th of each year as a day to raise awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a step forward in serving those affected by rare diseases worldwide, said Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to UN Ambassador Tariq Al-Bannai. This came in Ambassador Al-Bannai’s speech late Wednesday during a meeting held by the General Assembly (125) concerned with global health and foreign policy, in which Kuwait received 128 countries’ sponsorship of its decision.

Ambassador Al Bannai said: “Our decision is more than just a campaign, but rather a pledge to support the dignity and rights of every child with this condition and to leave no one behind in our quest to achieve a more compassionate and inclusive world.” Al-Bannai also stressed that the adoption of this decision will provide hope and encouragement to individuals living with the DMD, their families, and medical professionals who are facing this condition. Further, Ambassador Al-Bannai warned of the constant infection rates, which makes it a source of global concern that requires international attention, noting that DMD is still not recognized and has not been adequately researched, despite its global impact and life-limiting nature.

Ambassador Al-Bannai pointed out that the decision is consistent with the goals of sustainable development by calling for health and well-being and supporting comprehensive education, as well as seeking to reduce inequality for those who suffer from rare diseases. -KUNA

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