Director of Jahra Health District, Dr Muhammad Owaidah Al-Ajmi, announced the completion of the transfer of all outpatient clinics with their medical specialties to the new Jahra Hospital, indicating that they are currently working with high efficiency.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the establishment of the radiology department at the hospital during the awareness week event for “early detection of breast cancer.”

Dr. Al-Ajmi stressed the importance of the awareness week for early detection of breast cancer by spreading awareness about the importance of conducting this examination for the target groups of women (over 40 years old).

He stressed the importance of this day in raising awareness of the early detection of “breast” cancer, calling on women who have a family history to undergo the examination even if they have not completed 40 years, wishing safety for all, praising the support of the Minister of Health and the Undersecretary to overcome all obstacles in order to provide the best service Healthy for patients and reviewers.

The head of the radiology department at the new Jahra Hospital, Dr. Noura Hamad Al Mubarak, said that in accordance with the policy of the health district and in application of the standards of preventive medicine and awareness-raising responsibility towards society, this event was organized to introduce the positive effects of early detection of breast cancer for several benefits that accrue to the patient and community health compared to the discovery of breast cancer. The disease in its late stages, burdens the patient and his family and has a high cost.

Dr. Al-Mubarak pointed out that breast cancer does not only affect women, but that a small percentage of breast cancer cases occur in men, especially those who use hormone injections as a means to enlarge the muscles.

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