The Director of the Capital Implementation Department, Nader Al-Zaid, announced the launch of electronic services, the first of its kind which will be implemented remotely through the online via the electronic portal of the Ministry of Justice with the aim of simplifying procedures and easing the burden on the visitors and stakeholders who obtained civil judgments.

Al-Zaid told a local Arabic daily that the litigants will be able, starting from Sunday, April 17, to seize debtors’ money from their bank accounts, seize vehicles and moreover a travel ban will be slapped on them.

He pointed out that these three services will be available electronically within the first phase of the project and the department was keen to launch the three services without waiting for the rest of the work to be completed which are part of the management plan for this integrated digital project.

Al-Zaid explained that the launch of the service development project comes to keep pace with the development in information technology and modern digital systems, a project that was the product of effort, planning and preparation for more than five years, but due to the idea of a complete digital transformation of services and procedures as a strategic priority for the government in addition to the recent circumstances represented in the repercussions of the Corona pandemic which imposed on the reality of work.

This procedural pattern is a strategic option, in addition to the recent amendments in legislation regarding implementation procedures and electronic advertising, the application came today.

Al-Zaid indicated that there is an operational link and overlap between this program and the Ministry of Interior, systems, local banks and the Public Authority for Civil Information, and that these services will be available to all segments of society.

Al-Zaid, hopes the new services will achieve the desired goals, and contribute to the upgrading and development of work methods and tools in line with the modern philosophy of providing procedures, as service products subject to quality and efficiency standards, in order to achieve more satisfaction and acceptance among the beneficiaries.

He added: The Electronic Advertising Law 2022 requires state agencies to document their e-mails and “we have addressed 17 entities and so far most of them have not responded to our correspondence.”

5 benefits of e-services

1 – There is no need to visit the implementation department in person

2 – Save time and effort and keep pace with digital development

3 – Canceling the documentary cycle and eliminating routine

4 – Reducing traffic and saving time and effort

5 – Accelerate litigation procedures and serve justice promptly

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