The head of the Public Funds Protection Committee, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji, said there is an unusual delay by the Audit Bureau to respond to its correspondences concerning investigations submitted to it by the National Assembly, and warned the Bureau against trying to cover up violations of some government institutions which are documented in official reports, especially of the Tourist Enterprises Company.

Al-Turaiji added in a press statement to a local Arabic daily that this procrastination contradicts the role of the Audit Bureau, as it is the National Assembly arm in terms of oversight, and this delay contradicts the directives of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled to the Minister of Finance to inform him of the measures taken towards the tourism projects and public facilities companies, based on the observations made and monitored by the Audit Bureau after it studied the fees imposed by government agencies in exchange for the use of state lands.

Al-Turaiji explained the committee has come to the conclusion concerning violations committed by the Tourism Projects Company, according to the reports of the Audit Bureau and its meetings with company officials in previous meetings.

He pointed out that the results of the audit team formed by the Audit Bureau in 2021 coincide with what the Bureau concluded regarding the study of fees for the use of state lands, and with the measures taken by the Minister of Finance by referring the results of the ministerial investigation committee that he formed to the Audit Bureau.

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