Ministry of Social Affairs, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Fahd Al-Shariaan has issued a decision, specifying the conditions and controls for appointing temporary managers and members to the boards of directors of unions and cooperative societies.

This decision is considered the third change regarding cooperative societies in two years that saw 3 ministers taking charge of the Social Affairs and Community Development portfolio, reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Shariaan’s decision set 4 conditions for appointment as member or temporary manager to the board of directors of a union or cooperative society, canceling all conflicting decisions in this regard.

It stipulates that the appointed member should be among the members of the general assembly of the entity to be appointed for a period of at least two years.

The four conditions are as follows:

1 – The appointed person must be Kuwaiti and not be less than 30 full calendar years of age on the date of his appointment.

2 – He should not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor breaching honor and trust, unless he has been rehabilitated.

3 – He must have a university degree.

4 – To be among the members of the general assembly of the association to be appointed for a period of at least two years.

According to the decision, employees of the Ministry of Social Affairs may be appointed as temporary members or managers of cooperative societies and unions without complying with the conditions set above.

The resolution stipulated that appointed members and temporary managers must submit monthly reports to the minister on the work and activities of the concerned union or association, and the minister may evaluate their performance in light of the reports submitted and decide to put an end to their appointment when necessary.

The former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Societies, Dr. Saad Al-Shabo, praised the new decision, describing it as “deserving” and in the interest of the shareholders and the cooperative movement, especially as it specified the appointment from within the people of the region and from the members of the General Assembly, as they are the most capable of leading their association in all circumstances.

In a statement to the daily, Al-Shabo said that there had previously been demands that the cooperation law be changed to serve the cooperative movement and its shareholders in particular, hoping that it would be a good step that would bear fruit.

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